Year: 2017

Client: Widex A/S

Creative Direction: Alexander Main

Expertise: 3D Rendering / Video Production

Industry: Medical

WIDEX BEYOND™ - A next chapter in hearing aids


Danish hearing aids company Widex, has pioneered hearing technology for over 6 decades. With their latest creation BEYOND™, users can now update the firmware with a smartphone app, enabling new functionalities. 

This is a world's first, and our studio got to tell the story. Through combining computer-generated imagery, compositing and real-life studio shots, we put together a cross-platform marketing video, which has rolled out internationally. 


“Making a product look desirable - even a hearing aid - requires more than clever camera angles and lighting. It's about clear visual communication."

— Alexander Main


As technology advances, the concept of a hearing aid is changing radically. Not only are they nearly unnoticeable and full of features, they are also objects of desire for style-conscious individuals.

Therefore, it was our focus to present BEYOND™ hearing aids as sleek and modern wearables - or hearables - which empowers the wearer to achieve beyond their capabilities.


"Main & Partners made our hearing aids stand out from competition through this video, which will be used by our 40 sales companies across the globe. The process has been lean and very cooperative and we are very happy with the result."

— Jan Ølholm Mortensen, Widex


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